Can Meat Really be Made From Plants?


Gabriella Moreno

The Impossible Burger or The Beyond Burger, sound like they are going to be pretty amazing burgers, right? What if I told you these burgers are not made with meat at all, but are plant based. Meaning that the meat is replaced with a vegetable. Must seem impossible, right? Well now you see that’s how its gotten it’s famous name! 

Many know of the original burger and how it’s made; some come processed, most come from cows, but now with the current trends, such as going vegan, many are starting to eat less meat, making this plant based burger the most common fad. But what does a burger even look like, or how is it even made without using meat? 

How is it made?

Plant based burgers are made with foods that contain a genetically modified version of heme, an iron containing molecule from soy plants in which it gives off that meaty-flavor. It is combined with flecks or coconut fat which are mixed with grounded wheat potato protein.

Does it actually tastes exactly like a regular burger? 

Many food critics have reviewed the burger and had said they enjoyed it! Many expressed that it is much better than the veggie burger that was the previous option for non-meat eaters. This trend has even started making an appearance in fast food restaurants, such as Burger King. From the Washington’s post, Tim Carman wrote, “The impossible whopper patty, all by itself, has more flavor than the meaty ones.”  

Is it healthier?

Many would think that a plant based burger is the healthier alternative because it’s replaced by a vegetable. Surprisingly, it is safe to eat, but isn’t deemed as a health food. Although, there are some health benefits. For example, some people report to be sensitive to the growth of hormones or antibiotics fed to cows that then would be transferred to burgers or steaks. Another thing is it is proven from scientific study that meatless meat may decrease cancer risks from red meat. Plant based meat should also decrease worry on food poisoning from undercooked meat and any type of cow diseases.

Only you could be the judge to see whether or not the Impossible Burger has an impossibly good taste.