How much is Pollution actually affecting us?


Staff Writer

Have you ever thought about how today’s pollution could be affecting human health? Potentially even bring us closer to human extinction? 

In present day, there are major problems with pollution affecting parts of the world and with polluted air, it can have an affect on us too. With the air being dangerous to breath in, it can cause breathing problems, such as respiratory problems, asthma, lung cancer, congestion, chest pain, cardiovascular disease, etc. These can all be caused by air pollution. Air pollution can be a bigger problem in our future because of the things we use in our everyday lives, like cars, cooking, driving, and factories, could all cause the release of more gases and chemicals into the air. Burning wood or coal can also release a toxin called sulfur dioxide, making the air toxic. Other aspects can relate with idea, such as water pollution and soil pollution.

Areas in our ecosystem can be damaged sooner than we think, with plastics and other non-biodegradable objects being more prevalent every single day. With animals, insects, etc. dying from consumption of plastic and such, can cause the food chain to decrease as well as the population of certain species, which can lead to not as much meat being sold in stores. Prices could raise from how vulnerable our ecosystem would be. According to research from Britannica, “At least 100,000 mammals and birds die from them each year.” 

Although there are ways to actually save the planet, little things we can do everyday consist of conserving water, biking more, the three R’s, reduce, reuse, and recycle, and carry reusable shopping bags. Little things matter!