Manville’s International Club

Czedric Datu

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On September 16th, the International Club held its first club meeting. You might be asking, what is the International Club? Well, the International Club is a social group with the goal of creating relationships with its members, no matter the ethnicity to help them get to know each other, with the help of their advisor, Mrs. Jankowski. 

With that, the International Club consists of a mixture of students from all grade levels, Freshman to Senior year students. After an interview with the advisor, she stated, “In the future, I am planning to have the club engage in more field trips to museums, plays, exhibits and other cultural events that can broaden our members knowledge and appreciation of other cultures,” which explains what the future plans are for the International Club, and what it’s intentions are for the members of the club.

In the International Club, usually the days they meet are on Monday, once a month, at 2:40pm at Manville High School in room 36. Now you are probably asking, “What are the club activities?” The club’s activities, quoted by the advisor consist of, “During our meetings, we always mix fun and business by bringing in food and listening to music to set a tone of a fun-business oriented club.”  The club provides a fun and nice environment for the members to feel welcomed.

Like most clubs, they have a certain purpose and goals they like to reach which correlates if the club is successful or not. The advisor explained, “Being my second year of my advisor as the International Club, the club has continued to expand MHS knowledge of the diversity in our school/community and has continued to grow in membership,” which demonstrates that the club has been successful in being able to expand the idea of different ethnic groups being able to bond together. The club has also been successful in having its students being able to speak to other ethnic groups without feeling uncomfortable because of their own ethnicity. Overall, this club has been outstanding with creating a more diverse environment between ethnic groups to feel more comfortable in the atmosphere of  Manville High School.