New Courses at MHS


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The current year at Manville high school had added a bunch of new classes and courses for all students. There are ten new classes and the school added 12 new teachers. Some of these new course fall under the categories of Art, Business, Phys Ed, Intervention, Science, Computer Science, Carrer EDU, Technology and Heritage Spanish are the ten of the new courses on the list. 

 One new course is call Math strategies. Math Strategies is a course  that teaches all students that want to know about the world of mathematics. This course basically tries to create  basic, simple, and easy ways for people that are in the course to understand math. It is also a class that offers support class for some struggling students.

 Heritage Spanish is a course is for advanced Spanish-speaking students. In this course students have the opportunity to express themselves in their experienced language, learn the most advanced grammar, read, interpret and discuss Spanish-speaking countries, their culture, stories and poems. In this course, students can also enrich their vocabulary and knowledge. Apart from the high level of grammar, this course also covers social, cultural and customs issues of Hispanic countries and all conversations are in Spanish. 

According to the school website, there are more new courses offered in the current year. These include, Science, Language, Technology, Art and others these courses provide more opportunities to students, since the students will have a greater variety of courses that they can choose from.