The New Teachers of Manville High School

Mark Datu

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Manville High School welcomes the nine new teachers that have started employment this school year. These teachers come from a wide variety of places and teach in their own unique ways. The general consensus between the teachers show for an advocation of teacher recognition from the student body, and an increase of effort and understanding between both parties. They hope to convey to students not just their worth, but give them newfound hope in terms of education and career choice.  

“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us” stated Kelsey Valentino, the new history teacher, referencing Lord of the Rings. The general misconception that these teachers want to fix is that teachers are only robots who are solely there to override student freedom. These teachers are human too, from getting overwhelmed with work to baking and enjoying crafts on the side; they are here to expand the minds of students with learning because they want to. 

Excitement of getting to know the school, staff and students better has made the new staff open-minded and more understanding of their environment. It hurts teachers when they see students not taking advantage of the education they are being given, as Stephen Young puts it, ”Seeing unrealized potential in students that they do not.” Most agree that one of the main frustrating aspects that they wish could be solved is time. With less time, they have trouble connecting with each of their students, making them treasure the time they are allowed with students in their classes. 

“I don’t think that if you make $100,000 a year, but you’re miserable, that you’re successful. I think that there are successful people out there that live penny to penny” expressed Kelly Ryan, the new special education teacher. 

It’s not a coincidence that they became a teacher. Each enjoy their respective fields of math, science, etc., or they simply just wanted to try something new. Some have been teaching for years, while others have just recently picked up teaching. Although teaching may be strenuous or overbearing at times, this is what makes each teacher happy. As the new french teacher, Carolann Kiss puts it, “If you enjoy what you do, you will be more successful and happy in your job.”  Nevertheless, all show a sense of pride in teaching and are determined to see it through. 

These teachers are well aware of the fact that not everyone is “perfect” and that each student will be on their best behavior each day. They encourage students to be themselves, but not to forget that there are levels of respect between students and staff. Compassion can be found within each of them and they are willing to understand the circumstances behind a student’s misdemeanor. 

 Whether these teachers have always desired to become a teacher from a young age or transitioned from one career to education, they chose this school for a reason. A new beginning, familiarity, etc., they want to enjoy what Manville has to offer and are looking forward to the years to come.