Why Students Should get Less School Work



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First off, high school teens are given a lot of work because high school wants the best for when students move on to a good college, but because of it students may feel a sense of stress in their lives.

Due to the stress students experience, the average high school teen spends about roughly 3.5 hours on homework each day. In 2013, a research study at Stanford University, they found that students who spend too much time on homework “experience more stress, physical and mental health problems, lack of balance in their lives, and breaking off from society.”

Therefore, if teens are in after school sports or clubs, they probably won’t have time to complete the high amount of homework they receive. This causing a domino effect because if they do not have time to complete their homework, this could result in bad grades, which can result in being kicked off their after school activity. High amounts of homework could also result in lack of sleep or even failing grades.

What are the negative effects of too much homework? Too much homework can cause students to experience anxiety, depression, physical ailments, and even cause lower test scores. This is really present in junior year of high school because it is the most demanding year because of SATs or other exams.

Homework isn’t necessarily a bad thing or bad idea, but schools should maybe think of the negative results that may occur because of the lengthy amount of homework given.