Brenda Elias, Staff Writer

Hello, I'm Brenda!

I'm always home as I literally have nothing to do at home other than listen to music and play video games. I love music so much! If I had the money I would go to every one of my favorite artist's concerts, dance, and sing my heart out. The video games I play are Project Sekai colorful stage; it's like a piano tile where you press the notes to match the rhythm. My favorite songs from that game are dramaturgy and IDSMILE. In my spare time, I would always draw or text my online friend. You can say I have nothing to do, but hey, at least drawing is saving me. I normally draw stuff like form fandoms or real-life people but that's rare.

I also love to read books and watch kdramas, Mostly the kdramas I watch are romance or scary and the horror ones are really interesting. My favorite book has to be No Longer a Human which is such a good book to read but is also sad, so beware.

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Brenda Elias