MHS says Goodbye to Mr. Wilson


Melanie Alcantara

Mr. Jay Wilson will unfortunately be leaving Manville High after the school year ends, making this year, his last.

His MHS career of five years all started with him substituting. He now teaches physics, environmental science, and tutors after school. As some of his students may wonder, why physics and why not something less challenging? “Physics was a love for me, I really enjoyed it. I was originally going to become an engineer, but I enjoyed the scientific part of the discipline. I enjoyed knowing the why, not just the equations and the math.”

Next up for Mr. Wilson is moving down south to Tennessee, but he will continue to teach physics and a general science class. “It’s very nice there, it lacks certain things like of a large city, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.” Mr. Wilson plans on slowing down and moving on from the “hecticness”, as well as concentrate on his teaching and enjoy himself.

“I’ve got a lot of favorite memories. Every class is different, every class is unique; each class brings something new to the table and helps me learn something about them as well.” Mr. Wilson has really enjoyed his experience here at MHS. One thing he will for sure miss is his students. “The kids are very nice, just normal kids who want to do as well as they can.”

Manville High School wishes Mr. Wilson the best wherever he goes from here. Thank you for what you’ve brought to MHS and everything you have taught us!