MHS Welcomes the 2022-2023 School Year


Alison Rindgen

The first week of classes has begun at Manville High School. A lot of exciting opportunities are coming back this year that we can all look forward to, such as, homecoming, pep rallies, and more. Fall sports are also in full swing from football and cheerleading to cross country and girls and boys soccer–who are currently first in the Skyland conference! Some students may find the first week of school intimidating, but with so many enjoyable events planned, it will be sure to ease some anxieties and get everyone excited to take on the 2022-2023 school year.

A new school year means new rules for students to follow. A new rule system that is being implemented is a point system.  The fewer points a student earns, the more perks they get such as 8th-period senior lunch, the potential to leave early for dismissal, senior parking, the return of the fall dance, and many more!  The design of this new point system is to help maintain a more positive and safe environment. 

In terms of class offerings, MHS is now offering a variety of new courses, including: Forensics, as well as Anatomy & Physiology as half-year electives. There is also an added ESL Newcomer Mathematics class for ELL students.  In addition to new courses being offered to students, many new teachers are starting their first year of teaching at Manville. The new teachers and support staff and their positions are listed below. 

David Hur, English: English 11
Samantha Harris, Math: Algebra 1, ELL Newcomer Math
Zachary Tall, History: US History 1 (and Honors), Human Behavior
Christopher Bubnick, History: US History 1, Economics, Criminal Justice, World History
Kira Moebius, Science: Physics, Environmental Science, AP Physics
Corine Kauffman, Science: Chemistry, Environmental Science
Brooke Bandola, Physical and Health Education: PE & Health 9
Christopher Del Prete, AV/TV and Photography Teacher: Digital Photography, Advanced Digital Photography, Photography MD Class, Video Production 1, Video Production III & IV
Grace Ortiz, Special Education: In-class resource for various classes such as English and Spanish
Randi Sullivan, Special Education (Previously in the district, but new to high school): In-class support for a variety of Science courses.
Carl Imhoff, Special Education Aide: RVCC Manufacturing program 

As the school year goes on, we can expect a lot of fun when it comes to dances, class comps, pep rallies, and more. There are always new events and opportunities coming to MHS to make the school year better and more enjoyable. We hope you have a great 2022-2023 school year at Manville High School!