Mr. Dan Hemberger as the assistant Superintendent; “This tiny town is a diamond among boulders”

Ryan Rodriguez and Staff Writer

Manville School District has seen many changes in recent years from an increase in funding to new administration. Among these changes features Manville High School’s past principal, Mr. Dan Hemberger being promoted to Assistant Superintendent. 
With this rise, comes an increase in responsibilities as well. Mr. Hemberg communicates his current position is to, “assist the Superintendent in overseeing all operations of the Manville School District.  Managing school facilities, staff, and budgets are some of the areas that I assist.  However, more specifically, my job focuses on supervising the academic and instructional programs.  This includes the content of the courses and the ways that teachers teach their classes.” Mr. Hemberger seems up to this challenge as he has demonstrated at his time as Manville High School’s principal where he helped increase the academics by promoting more AP courses.
In addition to this idea, Mr. Hemeberger states, “There are no real obstacles other than a great deal of deadlines from the Department of Education that we must comply with.  These deadlines typically deal with budgeting and data reporting as related to school administration.  I suppose these are obstacles in some capacity, since it shapes my daily work agenda.”
Along with accomplishing these deadlines, he also has many other successes. “The successes are the same as in any job in education.  When the outcomes of my work positively shape the daily life of students, then we’ve been successful.  I’m not quite sure that I’ve had many yet, since I haven’t been in the job for that long.” Manville is sure we will see successes as the time comes.
This promotion was not only a big change for Mr. Hemberg himself but for Manville’s community as well. One of the biggest differences he experiences is the limited daily interaction with students. Many students remember seeing Mr. Hemeberger in the hallway or outside his office greeting students and staff throughout the day, but being the assistant superintendent has changed this. He says, “This has been greatly reduced and has honestly been the most challenging part of changing positions. I really enjoy the kids.”  
The Manville community is a closely-knit community filled with respectful students and staff. Mr. Hemerbgerr says even with the new position, this key Manville ideal has continued;  “Manville is a small place—we’re all a family here.” 
Mr. Hemeberger’s positive attitude from being principal also continues with his new job as assistant superintendent. He leaves us with, “I’ve been saying for several years that it’s the Golden Age of Manville right now.  Despite some setbacks like the flood, there’s a lot of good things happening in the school and community.  We have enthusiasm, vision, talent, commitment — and the right people in charge.  I see Manville continuing to progress.  The students will continue to succeed.  This tiny town is a diamond among boulders.  Small and mighty!”