Baseball at Bat Against COVID


Allison Marin

Something relatively new but very much exciting going on at our school is the start of the baseball season. It’s a great way to shine a bright light on a dark year. Not only does it make things feel like they’re slowly going back to normal, which everyone can appreciate, but it also gives some students their favorite sport back and gives them something to look forward to. Since COVID, there have been a couple inconveniences and changes, but it’s nothing too impossible.

There are a couple precautions that the MHS baseball coaches, as well as the players, need to take in order for the season to continue as normal. Taking temperature before every practice is mandatory and our players are required to wear masks and social distance, which is not much of a change considering we have had over a year to adjust to these regulations. Although the season did get pushed back a little bit, and there’s not as many games as students would like, the team is just happy that they are able to play since there season did not happen last year. Surprisingly, more students joined the sport compared to last year and the years before that. They hit off the start of the season in March and have had about 12 practices so far. Thankfully, everything has been going good. Hopefully this season will be a home run!