Appreciating Women’s History Month


Joseph Bennett

Women throughout history have been vital to the progress of human history. Whether it was during the world wars when women held up the world to continue the important economic structures and responsibilities that men stereotypical were responsible for. Or the importance of Rosa Park and how she stood up for herself like women do now. Women seemed to be on the back burners of life, despite how important their roles are to society. Today, we have a month where we can all look back and see how important women are to us now and back then. Many businesses, such as Motor Works, that were heavily men dependent, now has a female CEO, Mary Barra. Lori Greiner is well-known for her role on being one of the investors on the TV show Shark Tank along with Barbara Corcoran, another female entrepreneur. Both of these women are strong and great examples of how any woman can become successful.

Women’s history month is more than looking at the ideals of women in the past. It is to look at the women who impact society today and show how important women are to the world we live in today. I believe that the role of women is more than just business, there are also mothers that impact men and women that they are raising and have raised to also make an impact in our society. There is no more of that boring saying, “handle it like a man!” as women are equally strong as men. Showing that the old ways of our societies have evolved into a gender loving and equality for both men and women to provide the security that every American needs.